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Hey everyone! Here at The Station we are experiencing rapid growth. Which is great to see our ministry impacting so many teens in our community. With our growth we need to adapt and grow what we can offer at The Station. We have compiled a list of items we are in need of at The Station. We know many generous people like you support us. But we want to give you the opportunity to partner with us in new ways. So here’s a list of items we would like to have at The Station, So we have new ways of connecting with the teens. We know sometimes it’s more fun to buy a specific item you can donate so here is The Station’s Christmas list.

    Card Game – Anomia

    Board Game – Settlers of Cattan

    Board Game – Monopoly (Any version)

    Board Game – Chess Set (any kind)

    Panasonic LUMIX G7 camera w/ lens

    Google Chromecast (HDMI type for video)

    Google Chromecast (auxiliary for audio only)

    New (Matching) plates, bowls and cups (need approx. 40 of each)

    TV Soundbar (with or without subwoofer)

    Gift Cards (Playstation plus, Playstation store, Co-op, Ikea, etc.)

    If you would like to donate one of these items listed (or contribute towards one of them) Please let us know. Then we can take it off the list asap, so that other people know whats left.


    Other than the items listed, an amazing gift you can give The Station is becoming a monthly financial ministry partner. With our growth, we have outgrown our funding and are in desperate need of increased monthly financial support. Becoming and monthly ministry partner is quick and easy and can be done completely online, or through the local credit union if desired. Thank you, And have an amazing Christmas!

    Click here to become a ministry partner!

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