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Yes it’s time for the most intense weekend of gaming that happens at The Bunker in Winkler. This event only happens twice a year and you definitely don’t want to miss it! There’s plenty of tournaments throughout the weekend for PC games, wii and also board games (Catan & Warhammer 40k).  The event raises money for the youth center in Puerto Rico. Which with years devastating weather events it’s important for us to raise even more money for them this year. At EtherLAN 2017.1 The Station brought a crew of 17 to the event and we hope to bring even more this time! For more information about the event, you can visit their website at . The event costs $30 entry (plus whatever food you want to buy throughout the weekend) with all proceeds supporting the youth center in Puerto Rico.


As for The Stations Sentry e-sports crew plan on attending the event here’s how it’s going to go down:

Friday: Everyone to get their own ride to The Station Friday evening (Be at The Station by 5:15pm). Then we will drive everyone (and their PC’s) to EtherLAN.  Then when all the tournaments are done in the very early morning on Saturday we will drive everyone home. Yes that’s right, nobody has to get up early to pick anyone up. We will take everyone home.


Saturday: Once everyone has had a few winks of sleep everyone will meet back at The Station on Saturday at noon (don’t be late!). Then we will drive everyone back to the Bunker for day 2 of EtherLAN. and same as Friday. we will all be at the event til about 3-4am Sunday. Then we will drive everyone home early Sunday morning with all their gear. So nobody has to get up early to pick you up!


If you need any more info feel free to contact us here at The Station. our email is or call us at 204 324 5659.

If you are wanting to attend the event but are unable to bring a PC or pay the $30 entry let us know and we will do our best to help you out.



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