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We are having a PC LAN May 13th! We are also starting an E-sports club called "Sentry". We look forward to having a bunch of people out and get your game on! We will be operating our LAN parties a little different than past events. Instead of everyone paying an entry fee, then having to

We’re having an open house at The Station on Wednesday April 20th 6-8pm! We know many people support our work at The Station, but many of you haven’t had an opportunity come through our doors. Or it’s been a long time since you’ve been here. So we want you to come and see what we

We are having a PC LAN party! Make sure you tell all your friends. We will be starting at 5pm on March 11th and going until 2am on March 12th. Make sure you bring all your PC compnents you will need (PC or Laptop, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Headphones, Mousepad, Powerbar) *NO SPEAKERS ALLOWED. You do