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Here at The Station, Youth For Christ we see the potential in every young person. We want to build meaningful relationships with everyone who walks through our door, and make The Station a safe and inviting place that teens can feel comfortable. Safe and free from any stress that they may feel at home or at school, a place they can call their own and know that when they walk through the door they can be themselves and relax. Ultimately we would love to see every teen come to know Jesus and hope that through our conversations and interactions that The love of Jesus would shine through and they would come to know Him. YFC Altona is a non-profit organization funded by the generosity of our community. If you are an individual, Family, Business or organization and you would like to support The Station, YFC Altona, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to let you know in what area your support will have the biggest impact. Also if you are a person who has a heart for reaching the youth of our community and want to get involved by being a YFC volunteer that’s awesome! We would love to talk with you about it! We are open weekdays 9-4 unless otherwise noted, and look forward to meeting you soon. Due to the sporadic nature of our work, we are often gone from the building during the day, so it’s often a good idea to get in touch with us and let us know that you’d like to stop by. Especially during the school year, we are involved in many programs and events that take us out of our building during the day.



To disciple young lives, Showing the unconditional love of Jesus. So that every young person will know their God-given potential and purpose.

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MISS MONDAYS. (1st and 3rd Monday of every month) 7-9pm
A girls only night. Where the teens girls can meet with female volunteers and connect in a way that they might not be able to on a night with guys around. The volunteers seek to build them up through discussion and making connections so that they may become strong women for Jesus.

MAKER MONDAYS. (2nd and 4th Monday of every month) 7-9pm
Maker Mondays is our creative projects night. It’s open to boys and girls 12 years and older. Its an awesome night focused on using our various gifts and talents to create! Our projects vary from PC building, 3D printing/ modeling, Graphic design, woodworking, mechanical projects and much more. We want everyone to realize and use their God-given talents for productive creativity and we want to supply a space and the know-how to get stuff done!

TUESDAY DROP-IN (Every Tuesday 7:30pm-10:00pm)
Tuesdays are a night that all the teens can come in and hang out with each other and connect with the volunteers. Whether it be through a game of pool or playing video games or just having a conversation, whatever it may be we strive to build meaningful relationships with the teens. That way in the future they are comfortable coming to us with any problems or questions they may have about life, Faith, issues or trials they may be facing or whatever else is on their minds.

THURSDAY FREE SUPPER DROP-IN (6-9pm every Thursday)
Thursday is a night where we make supper with the teens and connect with them through food and conversation. It’s a very popular night at The Station. After all, who can say no to free food? We sit and share a meal together and have some more intentional discussions and then usually end the night with some games. The meal is provided free of charge and ensures this evening is accessible for everyone. And most often the meals are provided by amazing and generous people in our community!

FRIDAY DROP-IN (Every Friday 8:00pm-Midnight)
Fridays are just like Tuesdays in that it is an informal evening of just hanging out and letting the conversations come naturally while playing pool, video games or board games. Quite often our Friday night are nights of special events too. Events like our Sentry e-sports gaming night. all-nighters, seasonal parties and more!


Meet our awesome staff and volunteers. They're pretty much the coolest.

Marty Falk
Marty Falk - Co-Director
Zack Driedger
Zack Driedger - Volunteer
Dylan Reimer
Dylan Reimer - Volunteer
Sheridan Sawatzky
Sheridan Sawatzky - Co-Director
Tim Friesen
Tim Friesen - Volunteer
Brooklyn Reimer
Brooklyn Reimer - Volunteer
Bill Skelton
Bill Skelton - Volunteer
Cassondra Sawatzky
Cassondra Sawatzky - Volunteer
Tracy Jean Funk
Tracy Jean Funk - Volunteer
Marshall Wiebe
Marshall Wiebe - Volunteer
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